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From: Ron Kelly
Subject: Exploits Of Jay # 18It was was all most over,Jay's dad had forgot his lunch again and
Jay had just taken it down to the Guard station and left it .
He was sauntering along,thinking of how many times he had enjoyed sex with
Merl during the school year and all he had learned from him.There had been several little tricks he had showed him,like being hooked up
to a pair of tit clamps which were hooked up to a converter.Jay could still
see his little nipples with a clamp hooked to each one,the wires running
down to the converter which was hooked a foot peddle which controlled the
amount of charge he recieved.Merl let him controll the charge himself.The first time it scared him,but
after a few times doing it,he was hooked,he wanted to do it everytime they
got together.
He had got to the point where he shot the charge through his nipples in
short,quick jolts while jaking off,then when his cock was all most ready to
shoot,he would leave it on.feeling his head fly back as his body jerked,his
dick shooting white silky cream everywher,he loved that.As he left the gate,he saw Ned and Joe standing there talking,Ned waved him
"Hey Jay,you ole man forget his lunch again?"
"Yes,don't know what I'm going to do with him."Jay said,smiling.
"Bet he knows what he's going to do with you."Joe said,laughing.
"Naw,he's all ready done that."Ned laughed."Ok,go ahead you guys,make fun,see if I care."Jay said good naturedly,these
guys were family and he loved them both.
"Where ya headed Jay?"Joe asked.
"Home,have to clean up before supper."Jay said.
"Aw,you got time enough to spend with old friends now,come on."He said."I'd like to guys,ut I better het on home."Jay said.
"He Jay,remember the time when Joe and I both down you at the same time?Ever
done that again?
"Yeah,I remember,no,I've never done that agin."(Not with with two dicks,but
a fist and a dick)Jay thought to himself,smiling."I remember how much you liked that,how about let's do it again?"Ned
said,putting his arm around him.
"Naw guys,don't now,I gotta go."Jay said.
"Aw come on now Jay,hell,you know you want to,just think of those two dicks
sliding up that tight young lolita teenies nude
little pussy of yours,come on guy.""There's no place to go."Jay said.
"Sure there is sweet thing,come on."Joe said as he began leading Jay towards
the shed door,
"Ned opened it as Joe nudged Jay inside.
"Someone wnats some tools we'll get caught."Jay said.
"Naw baby boy,we'll lock the door."Ned said.Jay knew he wanted to,the lust was all ready building up in him,a tingle
running through his body.
"Here little missy,lets get young teens lold men you out of those clothes."Joe said,as he beagn
undressing him.
Ned was all ready naked,his cock rock hard as Jay stared at it,his mouth
going dry as he licked his lips.As Joe undressed,Ned hugged Jay to him covering his mouth russian lolita nude thumbs with his,his
tongue sliding between jay's soft little lips.
"Damm boy,I had forgot just how sweet you are."Ned whispered as he squeezed
the cheeks of Jay's ass."You wanna suck this awhile first baby boy?"Joe said as he waved his cock at
"Think you can stand it big guy?"Jay said,smiling.
"Joe laughed as he cupped the back of Jay's head,pulling him down in front
of his throbbing hunk of meat.
Jay toyed with it a little,think kissed it's mushroomed head,licking up the
watery fluid oozing from it's slit.Joe stood quitely.letting Jay do his thing,as the boy teased his
cock,licking the shaft,moving to his huge sac of balls,sucking one at a
time,they were to large to get both russian lolita nude thumbs
in his mouth at the same time.
"Damm baby boy,you sure know how to make Joe feel good through and
through."Joes sighed.Ned had found a can of vasoline they used to grease the saw blades so they
would not rust.
He greased his cock while watching Jay suck Joe's dick,tantalizing him.
Then he knelt,took a hand full of vasoline and worked it up Jay's
ass,stretching him open as the guy in the resturant had when he fisted him.He then pulled him from Joe's cock,turning him so he faced him as he lifted
him up.
Jay know where this was going,he could feel his little pussy pucker just
from the thought.
He wrapped his short legs around Ned's waist as they kissed,sucking one
anothers tongue,feeling Ned's cock sliding slowly up his love hole.When Ned was buried up his ass to the hilt.Joe put hia arms around them
both,his cock finding Jay's ass,which was full of Ned's cock on it's on.
It slid easely inside Jay's male cunt along with Ned's cock,Jay was now
sandwhiched in between the two men.
His body looked like a little doll between these two mountainous men,his
white skin so obvious in the middle of the them.One of them had all ready cum,Jay could feel juice running from his ass,down
the cheek.
Then like two instruments in tune,they began to fuck,Jay with his arms
around Ned's neck,his legs wrapped tightly around his waist as Joe held them
both,two men and a boy,two big dicks in a young,tight,lilly white ass hole.Ned and Jay kissed till thete lips were sore,the lust building up strongly
in all three of them.
Jay turned his head letting Joe cover his mouth as they swapped tongues
There was an awfully lot of grunting,panting and squishing going on,it would
have best young girl lolita been nice to have a tape reacored of them.When one of the men was about to cum,they would stop fucking and love on him
till they had gained controll again,then resume pounding his male pussy.
This went on a good twenty minutes,Jay was loving every minute of it but the
friction was beginning to take it's toll as he was smashed in the middle."Now Joe,I'm all most there man."Ned gasped.
"AW hell Ned,me to,just a few more times,just a few more,just a few..Aw shit
Ned,now!Do it now!"Joes cried out as the two cocks buried themselves deep up
Jays pussy,there sweaty bodies rubbing Jays,his ass being filled with white
creamy seamen.All three were short of breath,Jay had cum twice,his jisam,smeared over his
and Ned's bodies.
"Aw man,it don't get any better than this ned,Man,baby boy has one fine
pussy."Joe said,still fighting for breath.
They finally pulled apart and Ned lay on the floor on his back,setting Jay
on his chest,moving him up till his ass rested on his mouth.While Ned let there cum ooze from Jay's ass into his mouth,Joe beagn sucking
Jay's dick,playing with his balls as he sucked.
Jay could feel ned sucking hard on his ass just before enserting his hungry
tongue inside,licking his enner walls.He cried out as he shot Joe's mouth full of cream,watching him lick it up
and swallow.
Then,just as quick as it had strated,it was over.
The three of them dressed,the two men hugged and kissed him before walking
out the door.
Jay waited a few minutes then stepped out into the light.When he looked
up,Mr Palmer and a couple other guys was looking at him and smiling,he
smiled back,waved,then headed home to take a hot bath.He really down
deep,loved these wonderful Greek men................
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